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Firework Dog Indy Officially Adopted

by Melanie

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1.15.14 - Indy Officially Adopted1

Back in November, we brought you the happy update on Indy, the dog strapped with fireworks who had made a complete recovery. Vet tech Jenny Mandel planned to adopt Indy after falling in love with him, and now the adoption is official.

The young pit bull was found on July 5th having suffered third-degree burns over half of his body. It was believed by doctors that he had fireworks lashed to his belly and legs that were then lit for the amusement of a sadistic monster. The dog was abandoned in a North Hollywood alley, where he was found and brought to START (Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team).

1.15.14 - Indy Officially Adopted5

They took him to the Westlake Village Animal Hospital, where he was given skin grafts by Dr. Richard Grossman, a reknowned surgeon who normally works on people. He also had “Dogtor” Daniel Slaton and the rest of the loving Westlake staff to help spur his recovery. After six months of therapy and rest, “ladies man” Indy found his forever home.

Oh my gosh. This is a little more emotional than I planned. This is awesome,” said vet tech Jenny Mandel as she signed adoption papers.

Though she wasn’t at the clinic when Indy came in, she saw him every morning after when she came to work.

You can’t not love a dog like that so every day it was just more love, more love, and then finally he became a momma’s boy. I became a doggy’s girl,” Jenny said.

1.15.14 - Indy Officially Adopted4

START is offering a $15,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of Indy’s abuser. Jenny says some of Indy’s “nuances” are indicative of an abusive history. He limps sometimes, and tires faster than other dogs of his age and breed. But his future is much brighter.

Lots of love, kisses – that’s the expectation for the rest of his life,” Jenny concluded.

1.15.14 - Indy Officially Adopted2