Five Arrested in ‘Dog Fight Gang’ Bust

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5.22.14 - Five Arrested in Dog Fight Gang Bust

Six bull terrier breed dog were seized by officials and police investigating reports of dog fighting during a three home raid in Bolton North West, UK.

RSPCA inspectors, police, and special dog liaison officers decended on the properties after tips revolving gang activity, and suspected illegal dogs being bread specially for fights.  Dog fighting has been banned in the UK for nearly a century.

Along with the rescued animals, many items associated with training dogs for fighting were also taken into evidence.  Things such as tread mills, electric collars, and medical supplies were all taken from the three homes involved.

A total of four men and one woman were questioned by officers on suspicion of being in possession of fighting dogs.  The men range in age from 21-years-old all the way up to 57, and the woman was reported to be 46.

All animals taken from the property and brought to local kennels, so all dogs could be evaluated and treated for any possible health issues.  Then the specific breeds will be determined.  So far, only one dog was reported to have any injuries, and they were minor.

Detective Inspector Simon Upton said the raids were all about stopping animal cruelty, and removing any potentially dangerous dogs from the East Lancashire neighborhood.

“We take the issue of dangerous dogs and alleged organized dog fighting very seriously and would encourage anyone with concerns to contact us,” DI Upton said.  “Keeping and training dogs for the purpose of fighting is both cruel and dangerous and will not be tolerated in Lancashire.”

The raids were all carried out under section 23 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and investigations are ongoing.

3 thoughts on “Five Arrested in ‘Dog Fight Gang’ Bust”

    • Because dog fighters want a dog that is easy to get. It’s not that easy to get a golden for free. Goldens aren’t ideal dogs because they have long coats and dog fighters don’t want to waste time grooming the dog. They also want a tough looking dog.

      Any dog breed can be trained to fight. Just isolate the dog from society and other dogs in a small cage, starve the dog, then make it fight for it’s own food. They award that aggression. There has been reports people using german shepherds, rotterilers and jack russel terriers to fight!

      But the main reason why they don’t use other breeds is because other breeds are unpredictable. A golden retriever will most likely bite it’s owner and or the bystanders while in a fight. Pits don’t bite their owners or any bystander while in a dog fight. Even when the dog fighter is screaming in it’s face to fight while the poor dog is being mauled to death.

      So next time you try blaming the dog, blame the owner for abusing an innocent dog. Most of those pits don’t even want to fight, those are all killed in the most cruel manner.

  1. Please, proof-read or have someone proof-read your articles before posting them. “Bread” should be “bred” and “specially” should be “especially”.

    “All animals WERE taken from the property and brought to local kennels, WHERE THEY WOULD be evaluated and treated for any possible health issues. THEIR specific breeds will ALSO be determined DURING THE EXAMINATIONS. So far, only one dog was reported to have any injuries WHICH were minor.”

    Do these animals some justice and make your articles as intelligible as possible. It’s embarrassing when you can’t properly write articles.


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