Puppy Allegedly Stolen by Couple with Stroller Returned to Pet Store

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5.22.14 - Puppy Allegedly Stolen by Couple with Stroller Returned to Pet Store

A puppy, stolen by a couple pushing a stroller through a store in Thornton, Colorado called The Pet Ranch, has been returned to the store.

It only took a few hours after the store shared photos taken from surveillance cameras in the store, on social media outlets for the stolen pup to be returned to The Pet Ranch.

Police said the couple only needed about 60 seconds to case the store.  They were walking through the store pushing a stroller, and managed to steal a Chihuahua puppy priced at $999.

Store owner, Renee Reese said the woman in the surveillance photos was petting two Chihuahua when the man walked up to her and picked up a puppy.

“He shows the puppy to the child in the stroller, they look around, they say something and then they stuff the puppy in the bottom container of the stroller,” Reese said.

“They cover it, look around, cover it better and started walking out,” Reese said.

Reese said the man then stopped an employee to ask about another dog, and distract him, while the woman took off with the child and puppy.

It was around 7PM, Tuesday when the puppy was returned according to Thornton Police Department spokesperson Matt Barnes.

According to The Pet Ranch, the puppy was returned with no injuries and was in good health.

Police have identified a person of interest in this case, and will be following up with that person.

11 thoughts on “Puppy Allegedly Stolen by Couple with Stroller Returned to Pet Store”

  1. First: A chihuahua for $999.00???? Second: We really need to stop selling puppies through retail, period! There are too many being euthanize, strays, irresponsible owners, ect…. These creatures are living beings, not a commodity. Third: I believe the time has come for mandatory spay/neuter, of all pets. People should not be allowed to breed anymore. We have proven our irresponsibility. Now we need to correct this problem. Mandatory micro-chip should be implemented, as well. I beleive breeding should be strictly regulated to liscensed breeders. Under constant inspections. This world needs to start accepting responsibility, for our actions.

    • Why are puppies even being sold in pet stores? there areso many beautiful puppies anf dogs in need of a forever home in shelters in every city and town. Put puppy mills out of business. RESCUE!!

    • soooo … we should also STOP importing strays from other countries. I liken this to feeding homeless and starving children/people in other countries while our own go unaddressed. As to the only licensed breeders – wake up! having governmental control/oversight has been proven time and time again not to work and only to cause greater ills. The reality is that PEOPLE/BUYERS need to police this themselves and the laws of supply and demand will close the puppy mills and live animal retail outlets.

      • If people wish to adopt a dog from another country I say go for it! It is after all their money and choice not the governments. Maybe we should stop importing goods from China also? Do you shop at Walmart?
        The problem with ‘supply and demand’ is that the demand is there for small cute dogs and most of the ‘supply’ in shelters are larger dogs with no manners or training.
        There needs to be a lot more education and free neuter/spay. We can and should shut down the commercial breeding of dogs on a large scale. IMHO of course.

  2. Mandatory spay/neuter has not worked ANYWHERE it has been implemented….oh and does nothing for those currently in shelters.
    More legislation never solves anything.
    The mere fact that one owns an intact animal does not mean they are irresponsible and allow their animals to run loose popping out litters left and right.
    I will agree, to a point, “PEOPLE should not be allowed to breed anymore”

  3. This is absurd. The real story is why a store is selling a $1000 puppy mill puppy when the shelters are overflowing. My city is over run with chihuahuas that need homes and all adoptions are FREE this weekend!

    It should be law that before you can BUY an puppy, you must adopt a dog at the same time.

    • That is stupid. Not everyone can afford to have two dogs. I support those who adopt, but my choice to buy from a reputable breeder who health tests, is no one’s business but my own. I don’t need big brother telling me that I “have” to adopt a dog.

    • Absolutely true about the chihuahuas. Chihuahuas are the second most killed dogs in shelters in this country. They die by the thousands each year. California, Florida, Texas and Arizona are teeming with them in shelters.
      There are truly reputable breeders out there if people do their homework. But some folks don’t want to sign a contract or provide references. This is a living being we are talking about here, one a truly reputable breeder has invested love, time and money into. It should be up to them where the dog is placed.
      Unfortunately for many people a puppy in an impulse buy. Beside the puppymills selling to petstores there are scores of ‘backyard breeders’ only in it for the money who will sell you a puppy and not care what happens after that.

  4. Anyone can buy an animal from a pet store while everyone who wishes to adopt a cat or a dog from a shelter has to prove the cat/dog will be taken care of. Perhaps that is one reason why some people opt to go to a store instead of visiting their local animal shelter. Simply forking over cash versus answering questions about how kitty/puppy will be treated with follow up visits…

  5. I support those who adopt, but that is not for everyone. I disagree with pets being sold in pet stores. These animals come from puppy mills and that is wrong. I, personally, bought my dog from a show breeder, and I show him. I get tired of seeing “adopt, don’t shop” everywhere. There is nothing wrong with responsible breeders who health test and title their dogs and they do so as a labor of love, to better the breed. These people posting “adopt, don’t shop” make it sound as if I am personally responsible for the millions of dogs in shelters. I have never dumped a dog, and I never will. I am a responsible pet owner and my animals receive the best of care, but my choice to buy from a responsible breeder is no one’s business but my own. (For the record, we did adopt our cat at the shelter).

    • I don’t think you ‘shop’ for a puppy when you get a puppy or a retired show dog from a reputable breeder. To me it is more of an adoption, for you should sign a contract, provide references and allow a home visit.


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