Five Furry Love Videos

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Dogs have no idea that today is Valentine’s day, and that’s pretty ironic when you consider that they have perfected the art of love.

So today, in honor of all the love they perpetuate, we give you five great and varied examples of dog passion.

(I’m torn between the last two. What’s your pick?)

Dog loves Dolphins. Simply beautiful.  ♥


Well, would we be so bonkers for them if they didn’t love us too much? 🙂


Dog and Cat in Love. Yuck. 😉


Adorable fun. ♥


The finale: a ridiculous orgy of inter-species adoration. ♥

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4 thoughts on “Five Furry Love Videos”

  1. Thank for sharing such pawsome videos! I am in awe of the last video. That dog is a Master, and I play bow to him! He exemplifies the love that all species are capable of toward each other. I could reach his Mastery…but bunnies just taste so darn good!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!



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