Five “Garbage” Puppies Rescued from Side of Road

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When a local runner from Luzerne County, Pa., went out for a run he never expected to become a hero for five newborn puppies tossed on the side of the road, but he did.

Newborn puppies found on the side of the road.
Newborn puppies found on the side of the road.

According to a Amanda Walton, volunteer with Blue Chip Farms Animal Refuge, the man tired several times to run with headphones, but for some reason the headphones would not stay on. Soon after he stopped forcing the headphones to stay on, he heard a whimper.

“At first he thought it was nothing but he had to turn around and see what it was,” said Walton. “There were five 3 to 4-days-old puppies down an embankment in a garbage bag crawling around looking for somewhere to get warm.”

The five puppies are so young that rescuers are not sure what breed they are, but they believe they could be hounds.

Blue Chip Farms Animal Refuge in Dallas, Luzerne County, took the puppies in and are bottle feeding the puppies while they are kept warm with heat pads. Rescuers are now in search of the mother dog.

“We definitely want the mom,” said Marge Bart, Owner of Blue Chip Farms Animals Refuge. “We’re asking if anyone knows the whereabouts of the mom or person who dropped off the puppies if they could bring the mom to us no questions asked.”

Rescuers urge the public to contact Blue Chip Animal Farm at 570-333-5265 with any information about the puppies or their mother. If you would like to adopt the puppies, you can contact the animal farm. See Blue Chip Animal Farm on Facebook.