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Former Commercial Breeder Registers as a “Rescue”


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If this sounds suspicious to you, you’re not alone. Apparently, some dog breeders are finding new ways to stay in the animal business. Seeking Furever Homes advertises on a Web site called ‘Adopt a Pet.’ A recent visit to the Web site showed a photo of the owner’s mother holding a dog. Seven of the nine dogs available from ‘Seeking Furever Homes’ were puppies: all of them popular toy breeds.

According to Fox2Now:

State inspectors cited the location 15 months ago for “accumulation of urine, feces and hair on the floor” and lack of outside shelter where “8 beagles only had 2 igloo dog houses.” That’s when it used to be called “Sunset Kennel.” It was run by breeder Ovella Lange, who supplied a chain of mall stores called “Pampered Pets”

Last February, Lange forfeited her breeder license to the Missouri Department of Agriculture and agreed to auction off her nearly 300 dogs.

Yet, we visited the same address, which now advertises as a dog rescue. We talked to Lange’s son Ryan Rumfelt during an undercover visit. He told us he started rescuing dogs in November.

Investigative reporter Chris Hayes brings you the following report about a breeder with a troubled history who now claims to be in the business of dog rescue.