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Foster Mom Adopts Dog that Saved Her Life

by Melanie

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3.17.13 Cherry Life Saver


A woman in Indiana has decided to adopt the dog she was fostering after she saved her life.

Amy Donaldson was fostering a ginger pit bull named Cherry after a family decided not to adopt her.  She was sleeping when Cherry desperately tried waking her up.  She jumped and licked Amy’s face until she arose.  When she got up, she noticed that her space heater had caught fire, and her home was quickly filling up with smoke.

“She’s my favorite flavor of Life Saver, now.  She’s Cherry Life Saver,” Amy said.

She only intended to foster the dog, but after her heroism, Amy knows that Cherry was meant to be part of her family.

“I think she showed me yesterday that she wants to be with me,” Amy said.