Four Year Sentence in St. Louis “House of Horrors” Torture Case

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Stray Rescue Founder Randy Grim

Darick Stallworth of St. Louis, who pleaded guilty to three counts of felony animal abuse and torture and two counts of animal abuse and abandonment, was sentenced to four years in prison on Thursday morning. This marks the first successful felony prosecution in St. Louis since the city has stepped up efforts to fight animal abuse.

Back in May, Randy Grim, the owner of Stray Rescue of St. Louis was contacted by police about a dead dog that was hanging from a second-story window of an abandoned apartment building. When Randy and other members of Stray Rescue checked out the apartment building with police they found five dead dogs, all of which had clearly been tortured.

The five deceased pit bull dogs had been hanged, strangled and burned. Stray Rescue, which responds to many animal abuse cases described the scene as “one of the most horrendous cases of animal abuse we have ever encountered.”

Defense attorneys for Stallworth petitioned the judge for leniency and asked for only probation because 31-year-old Stallworth has an IQ of only 54 and has never been in trouble before. Stallworth’s parents believe sending him to prison serves no purpose and that he needs counseling and rehabilitation.

Many supporters of Stray Rescue showed up to the courthouse for the sentencing. Grim said the sentencing was “a start” and added, “This case will haunt me for the rest of my life. It’s ingrained in my brain forever and it’s like a nightmare that’s always in the back of your mind.”

The severity of this case, along with other animal abuse cases in St. Louis, has led to the creation of the St. Louis Animal Cruelty Task Force. Their goal is to raise awareness, increase convictions and deter future animal abuse. Grim whose rescue organization was a key member to the creation of the task force stated, “This is a new day in St. Louis, and I want to see this become one of the most humane cities in the country, not just with the animals but with each other.”

8 thoughts on “Four Year Sentence in St. Louis “House of Horrors” Torture Case”

  1. Way to go Randy Grim! Keep up the fantastic work! Appropriate verdict… that person has long since gone past the help of counseling and rehab, no matter the IQ level.

    • I am so proud that people are actually fighting for the animals. I am still in shock after reading what this monster did to those poor animals! While I would love to see this [email protected]@rd get “an eye for an eye” I am sure that there are some that think that animals are beneath humans. To those people all I have to say is “Do your research! Where do you think serial killers get their start?!” If they stay on the streets, your child could be the next one hanging from a balcony.

      • “Where do you think serial killers get their start?!” Exactly AD! Lawmakers need to understand that animal abuse is an open gateway to doing such heinous acts on humans and adapt laws accordingly. Don’t have to be a brain surgeon to realize that!

  2. “Rehabilitated” ??!! In WHOSE universe could a monster like this be “rehabilitated” ? especially if the defense claims is that the perp has an “IQ of 54.” First of all, an IQ of 54 would mean severely mentally disabled which ergo means no judge would convict this evil dude much less send him to prison – and IF the scum really DID have an IQ that low then no amount of talk therapy is going to “cure” him. I am quite sure that the low IQ defense is some shyster lawyer’s idea of a potential strategy to let this putrid piece of filth walk free to do it again. I applaud the judge for basically calling BS on the unbelievably stupid defense and doing what was RIGHT – lock the guy up.

    And speaking of locking up…hehehehe….if there are any prisoners more disliked and more “appropriately” punished in The Big House than child molesters it is animal abusers. Loss of his freedom for a few years will be the LEAST of this abuser’s worries….

  3. I have herd if you want to find a good man listen to your kids and your animals because they are the best judge of charactor. A good man is good to animals. What does that make this man? A monster that will eventually kill a person. End of story,

  4. Randy Grimm is very well known in the Animal Rescue community here in St. Louis. I have the utmost respect for this man. He goes into the worst areas in St. Louis to help an animal in need. He has seen things that we wish we would never have to see and he still marches on! Thank you Randy!


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