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From abused dog to Million dollar dog


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One of four dogs rescued from a Fresno home in which they were severely abused is making a recovery thanks to efforts by the Central California SPCA.  The other 3 dogs, all pit bulls, did not survive but this little Chihuahua-terrier mix now named Steve Austin or the Million Dollar Dog is a true survivor.

The adorable pooch is undergoing surgery to repair a broken jaw which causes his tongue to hang out the side of his month and his teeth to be crooked.  “He’s about 5 years old,” said Beth Caffrey. “He’s got a wonderful attitude. He ignores the fact that he is in pain because he really just wants the love and attention.”

The four dogs were discovered in a home in Fresno in February in near death condition and suffering from parasites in addition to neglect, malnutrition, dehydration, and injuries from abuse.  The sole survivor of the ordeal, Steve Austin’s jaw surgery is his second and his medical bills are in the thousands but his prognosis is good once he heals.  Veterinarians will decide exactly how they will repair the jaw once they get in and have a better look at it.

It is unclear who owns the dogs and charges of animal cruelty seem likely if that can be determined.  It is also not clear how the dog’s jaw was broken.  It is expected that Steve Austin will be easily adopted once he has recovered from his ordeal as he is such a sweet and loving dog.