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Police Department Trying To Prevent Dog Shootings With Dog Behavior Training


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The story of police shooting dogs is all too common. One police force is hoping to change that by having all of their police officers receive dog behavior training.

Arvada, Colorado police officer Jason Ammons recalls a time when he was finishing his day on bike patrol. “I saw a pit bull that was racing toward me on the street,” said Ammons. “It started going after my leg.” Ammons didn’t pull out his service revolver but instead subdued the dog with a taser. Now Arvada police officers are all receiving dog behavior training to try and prevent killing dogs.

They are being trained by their own K-9 units. “We can be a good resource for them and offer a different perspective,” said Jeannie Whittle, an animal management officer. Having the entire police force become more comfortable around dogs alone will help them handle dogs when they are out on the force better. With proper training there is a better chance of avoiding dog deaths by police officers.