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From nearly dead to saving lives, Winston gives all he can


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A once abused pup has now become a life saver for other dogs in need.  Winston, a rescue dog who had been seriously abused now has a loving home, a “wife” and has found a way to give a little something back by becoming a blood donor.  The boxer was found with injuries that appeared to come from having acid poured on him, he was starving, and his injuries were badly infected.

His scars have since healed, and Winston is a bundle of love, chasing the kids around the yard, playing shark under the trampoline and wrestling with his canine “wife” Libby.   Winston and Libby got along so well when they met that the kids in the family decided to “marry” them.  Winston’s adoptive mom says when they first got him she was worried that his abuse might affect his temperament, “I thought for a little while we might have to, you know, take him back,” but he seems to have forgotten his past life.  There is one exception, says his mom “he doesn’t like men to talk to (her daughter) Amanda”.

Screen Shot 2012 11 15 at 10.35.41 AMBoxers have a universal blood type and so are the ideal dogs to be blood donors.  Every few months he visits the Woodland West Animal Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has a large needle inserted into his jugular.  He doesn’t seem to mind at all, and the benefactors of his generous act include a Yorkie named Barkley, who lost a good amount of blood when he had to have his spleen removed.

Screen Shot 2012 11 15 at 10.08.09 AMBarkley’s owners are very grateful to Winston as their 9 year old pup was a wedding gift whom they love very much.  Now the little Yorkie will have some boxer blood running through his veins.   Winston and Barkley as well as countless other lucky dogs can now go on to have long and happy lives.  “We couldn’t imagine life without him now”, says Winston’s mom.