From the Dog: Please Don’t Go!

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No one really wants to have to go to work or school, least of all on bad weather days. But the one thing that really makes us want to stay home are the pleading eyes of our dogs, silently begging us to stay. We’ve heard those scratches on the door, and seen the little ears in the window, but this dog takes it to another level.

Reddit user moonlikeme123 posted the heart-warming photo of his dog with the caption, “My wife and I got back from a week long vacation. This is what happened when I tried to move the car so I could mow.”

6.28.13 - Don't Go!

Other Redditors chimed in with their own cute captions, like, “BUT… BUT YOU JUST GOT HERE (pethcir), and “And that was the day I stopped them from leaving forever (ErikDanger Fantastic).

My dog always hangs out around the car when I pack, hoping I’ll take her with me. Once, when I was about to leave, I was trying to find her so I could say goodbye and close her in the backyard, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. Turns out she was hiding in my trunk…” – lawnchair_prophet.

There’s just something about those wagging tails, expressive eyes and silly behaviors that just make your heart melt!



5 thoughts on “From the Dog: Please Don’t Go!”

  1. When we get theauitcases out, our male Havanese watches ever move, and follows us to the car as we load it, hoping to jump aboard. Sometimes we take them with us, others we don’t…depends on the length of the trip. They go on the longer ones.

  2. My little Yorkie handles the seperation but i feel like half a person untill I unlock that front door and he gives me a high five.

  3. I can relate to this .it happens with me every time I leave the house .deva refuse to eat n wait for me until I get back,the minute he sees me he goes beep beep with his toy in his mouth all over the house

    • I don’t know how my dog skyla knows when I don’t have to work but she does. And hangs with me in every room I go. she is devoted to me with a kindred spirit uncanny and when I do have to work she just knows and doesn’t fight . But gives me the sad eyes when I have to leave. She is truly the best friend I will ever have. My shepherd my angel girl.

  4. I have adopted six strays and they are so attached to me that they feel that they have to respond to everything I say.They give me the feeling that they are going to start talking anytime soon!Love them and can’t bear to be away from them at all!


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