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Twenty-Five Dogs Euthanized After Seized from Hoarder

by Katherine

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On June 18, 2013, Georgia’s Worth County Health Department was anonymously tipped about a couple living in deplorable health conditions in a TyTy, Ga., home. When authorities arrived at the scene they discovered the home only had running water and septic but there was no electricity. The home had no other furnishings other than a mattress and a refrigerator. What’s worse, the couple also owned 30 dogs.

Best Friends Humane Society (BFHS) was called to rescue and treat the animals.

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TyTy, Ga., dogs living in filth before being rescued. Photo Credit:
TyTy, Ga., dogs living in filth before being rescued.
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Unfortunately, all 30 dogs suffered from mange, bacterial eye infections and other visible physical conditions that require immediate treatment. The pets had not been spayed, neutered or given any vaccines. Out of the 30 animals seized, only seven were male.

Animal Control Officer Sherri Hendley spoke with and said the animals lived in floors covered with dirt, feces and urine.

The couple identified as Stanley and Mary Boone, were charged with 1st degree cruelty to animals.Twenty-five of the 30 dogs were adult canines that regrettably had to be put down due to their serious diseases and illnesses.

The remainder pets were puppies from two different litters and officials hope the little ones survive this ordeal.