Fundraiser Started for Puppy Needing Heart Surgery

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5.29.14 - Fundraiser Started for Puppy Needing Heart Surgery

Eva, now almost 8-weeks-old and recently rescued from euthanasia, is in need of life-saving heart surgery to fix a problem found by a veterinarian that could be life threatening.

Eva was rescued near Chinle, Arizona where she was part of a litter of six set to be euthanized and was saved by someone at the last minute at just 5-days-old.  While going through a health check-up by a vet, a severe pulmonary stenosis and an atrial septal defect.

Even though the condition is life threatening, something can be done about it.  The Colorado State University School of Veterinary Science is prepared to help, but there is one people.  The cost of the surgery is quite high.  There needs to be $4,500 raised for the actual surgery, and about $1,000 for travel costs and follow-up care.

A branch of Dogster Spay and Neuter Program based in Durango, Colorado called Lisa Parker’s Puppies is heading up the fundraising.

Anyone wishing to help can visit or check out Lisa Parker’s Puppies Facebook page.