World’s First Wingsuit BASE-Jumping Dog

by Melanie

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5.29.14 - BASE Jumping Dog2

Meet Whisper, the world’s first BASE-jumping dog in a wingsuit.  Some believe that “forcing” the miniature Australian cattle dog to jump from cliffs is cruel, but owner Dean Potter says he has a fantastic time on all of their adventures.

Whisper and Dean live in Yosemite National Park with Dean’s girlfriend.

Here’s an excerpt from Dean’s website:

“Whisper always wakes up happy. She dances around until she gets fed and acts cute and peps us. Then we make a point of doing a little walk in the orchard, forest or on the beach before I need to do daily chores. During this time I throw her Gordo toy, from Ruffwear, which she loves more than anything. Later, we try to do a longer adventure in the mountains near our house. If it is warm I make sure we walk near a water source so Whisper doesn’t overheat. My main philosophy with pet behavior, as well as my own behavior, is that an exercised and tired dog is a well-behaved dog. Additionally, whatever I do, I bring Whisper if at all possible. I like to problem solve and always seem to figure out a way to bring Whisper along.”

5.29.14 - BASE Jumping Dog3

It sounds to me as if Whisper is one lucky dog.  Walks and adventures in some of the most stunning  landscapes nature has to offer, surrounded by nature, and a chance to see the world from a perspective perhaps no other dog ever has.  Sounds like a blast to me.

Check out the video above, from National Geographic to catch Whisper in his wingsuit, flying the friendly skies in a way I’m positive no other dog gets to, rock climbing, and adventuring like a true champ.  Go Whisper, go!

5.29.14 - BASE Jumping Dog1