Funny Dog Pictures, Unless You’re The Dog

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I have a sense of humor, really I do. I think those pictures of puppies in hotdog buns, chewing on shoe laces and snoozing belly up are cute, I do, honest. But amidst the funny and cute are images which make me cringe. Here’s one-

puppy being dragged into the ocean

Cute? Not so much. Funny? How so? Is watching a puppy being dragged somewhere against their will funny? Could someone explain this to me?

The human on the other end of the leash apparently hasn’t given a thought to what this pup is experiencing or has and disregarded it. I’m not sure which is worse.

Hopefully it didn’t end up being a big deal for the pup, but that’s not even the point, the point is that enough people think that this image belongs amidst the funny and the cute.

And then there’s this gem-

child holding a dog's mouth shut

Put the camera down dad and get little Susie out of there. And thank the dog as you walk away for suffering your negligence in allowing a toddler to handle a chained dog in this way.

I’ll take puppies in flower pots any day over these.

7 thoughts on “Funny Dog Pictures, Unless You’re The Dog”

  1. The fact that these picture get put up for public consumption show us how little some folks know about dogs. In the two pics you posted, it’s obvious the dogs are being mistreated, but lots of people post pics here and there of dogs that are clearly uncomfortable. A few years ago, I read Turid Rugaas’s “On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals,” and since reading it, I see pics all the time that the dog handler/owner thought were cute or funny, but really show clear signals from the dog that they are uncomfortable with the situation.

  2. I so agree! These photos are examples of what NOT to do with a dog. In photo 1, you are looking at a dog being taught to mistrust the owner and fear water. In photo 2, this is extremely fortunate that the toddler is not severely bitten. Perhaps the dog belongs to the family the toddler is part of, but to put any dog in a position where it cannot escape, then add a toddler handling the dog’s face that way – one is just asking for the dog to retaliate in the only way a dog who cannot run has – and that is to bite.

  3. How many of these “Dog bites Child” headlines we see should read “Lack of responsible supervision results in child trauma”? Judging by that second photo, and some of the things you see on “Funniest Home Video” type shows, You have to wonder….


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