Gas Chamber Survivor Dog on New Year’s Day Rose Parade

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On October 2011, 18 dogs were placed inside an Alabama gas chamber, and against all odds one of the 18 dogs survived the death chamber. That dog is Daniel, the miracle Beagle.

The Animal Control Officer who placed 6-month-old Daniel inside the chamber found him alive 25-35 minutes later. That same man did not have the heart to put Daniel through the chamber of death again, instead pleas went out to animal organizations asking them to rescue and save the lucky, death cheating Beagle.

Daniel and his owner Joe Dwyer. Photo Credit: Jennifer Brown/The Star-Ledger
Daniel and his owner Joe Dwyer. Photo Credit: Jennifer Brown/The Star-Ledger


The Eleventh Hour Rescue of Rockaway stepped up to save Daniel. They helped him regained his health and transported him to New Jersey. There, Daniel found his forever loving home with Joe Dwyer and his four other dogs.

Since cheating death Daniel has become an ambassador for shelter animals. His goal is to put an end to pet gas chambers across the nation.

On Jan. 1, 2014, Daniel will be participating in Pasadena, Calif., New Year’s Day Rose Parade, by starring on The Lucy Pet Foundation’s float.

“With Daniel as a spokesdog it will help raise awareness” about the inhumane use of gas chambers in animal euthanasia, said Betsy Martin, director for The Lucy Pet Foundation. “We’re really trying to stop the gas chamber in all states.”

Daniel has been busy at work teaching many how inhumane gas chambers are, and because of him many positive legislative changes have taken place.

Pennsylvania passed a law last year, banning the use of gas chambers. The law was named after Daniel.

Turn on your TV tomorrow morning and watch Daniel along other shelter dogs wiggle their tails, live on national TV during the New Year’s Day Rose Parade.

Let’s help Daniel put an end to the use of gas chambers in animal euthanasia.

2 thoughts on “Gas Chamber Survivor Dog on New Year’s Day Rose Parade”

  1. The terror and pain these animals must go through in that horrible gas chamber. The cruelty of it is beyond any comprehension – why would human beings put living creatures through such unremitting terrifying hell?!

  2. The use of gas chambers in this country as a way of controlling pet overpopulation should be ended. The death of the animals is done inhumanely and causes much trauma to animals AND the unfortunate workers who must perform this act. States and counties should vigorously encourage spay neuter, perhaps making laws which would require that animals be neutered before sale or a deposit made which would be returned to the buyer once the animal was neutered. Only registered reputable breeders should be allowed to breed animals. This would dramatically reduce the numbers of unwanted animals.


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