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German Shepherd Puppies & Mini Piglets Are Best Buddies

by Melanie

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A very interesting family is growing up together in Michigan – German shepherd puppies and mini Juliana piglets.  They are all raised indoors, and the piglets are litter box trained.  Pigs are very clean and intelligent, and can be trained to walk on a leash just like dogs.  They also have powerful sniffers, and like to snuggle on the couch… who knew puppies and piglets were so similar?

Though mini pigs are expensive, many are given as gifts, and like dogs, end up at shelters once they outgrow their cuteness.  Hopefully none of these guys will!

3.13.14 - Puppies & Piglets0


3.13.14 - Puppies & Piglets1


3.13.14 - Puppies & Piglets2


3.13.14 - Puppies & Piglets4


3.13.14 - Puppies & Piglets6


3.13.14 - Puppies & Piglets7


3.13.14 - Puppies & Piglets8


3.13.14 - Puppies & Piglets9