Time-Lapse Video of Bedtime with Eight Dogs

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With eight (currently nine) dogs, there’s never a dull night at the Hughes home!  See what nighttime is like for everyone in this time-lapse video.  Stay tuned for more info on their newest dog, DaVinci – we have a story about him coming up later.





Update:  Meet DaVinci!


Feel free to share your bedtime rituals and photos in the comments section.








0 thoughts on “Time-Lapse Video of Bedtime with Eight Dogs”

  1. These are my kind of people. They are wonderful and sweet loving doggy parents. I just love them…to pieces. I love all of there dogs and I notice they may have a Pit Bull and those are my absolute favorite dog and my second is Mastiffs. I love this video and will subscribe if I don’t have to use FB.

  2. Wow, God bless you both, I love people like you, caring and so real. Our dogs are our babies and that is how it should be. We need more people like you on this earth. I do want to know where you found the steps, my big girl has a hard time getting up on the bed and we are afraid when she jumps off.

  3. Just wonderful. Right now I have only two dogs–male German Shepherd mix (100 pounds) and female Weimaraner (75 pounds). Both sleep on my bed–super king-size, he on top of the covers and she under the covers next to me. Every now and then we have our large male cat sleeping on the pillows next to me. I have had four dogs, all sleeping on the bed. I don’t feel comfortable, and can’t sleep, when I don’t have at least one dog in bed with me. Just loved the video.

  4. What lucky well loved dogs! I just want to know how you got them to all get along??
    I’d like a second dog but my shepherd mix would not accept another one.

  5. We have 4 dogs who sleep in bed with us. It’s only a queen size so it’s kind of tight, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!! It’s nice to know there are others out there like us who love our dogs enough to wake up with sore hips!!


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