Lost Dog

Missing Dog is Found in Septic Tank

by Katherine

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On Tues., Feb. 18, 2014, Benny, a 4-year-old Wheaten Terrier from Toronto’s Rockcliffe-Smythe neighborhood went missing. His owner had no idea where his dog could have run to, but the following days, faint barks and whines were heard in the vicinity of the home. The pet was found on Friday.

Lucky for Benny, a four-legged neighbor and hero canine discovered his whereabouts and brought him to safety.

Photo Credit: Jackie Crandles/CP24
Photo Credit: Jackie Crandles/CP24

The missing pet was trapped underneath a partially in-ground pool in a nearby home. The pool owner told CTV Toronto that the septic tank had been exposed when recent floods cracked the cement around a storm drain, leaving a crack large enough for a pet to fall in.

When fire rescuers arrived on the scene that Friday morning, they weren’t sure how far inside the tank Benny was trapped, they knew the tank was 10 feet underground. Hero rescuers called Animal Control for assistance and used a camera to determine the exact location of the pet.

According to Toronto Fire Capt. Mike Strapko, Benny was very tired since he had been missing fro four days and had no access to food.

As soon as the small dog was pulled out he was warmed up with a blanked. The first thing Benny did when he was safe in his owner’s arms was lick his owner’s face.

Thanks to animal control, firefighters, and the hero neighborhood dog, Benny is back home safe and sound.