German Shepherd Refuses to Leave Mate Tied to Fence

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12.8.14 - German Shepherd Refuses to Leave Mate Tied to Fence1

Koni and Kona are a pair of German shepherds that were left tied to a fence and abandoned by their owner.  Using the cover of night, they were tied to a fence outside a local Humane Society with leashes.  Koni became so distressed he chewed his way free, but sat by his mate Kona still tied to the fence, and refused to leave without her.

In a post regarding the two made on the Humane Society’s Facebook page, Koni and Kona’s situation played out as such:

“Though he was free to escape, the bond he has with his companion, Kona, is so strong that he stayed with her all night.  He stayed by her side and watched over her until a Humane Society of Greater Miami employee came to help.  And that is pure love and dedication.”

As time went by, the shelter staff kept faith that the bonded pair would be able to find a forever home together.  On Wednesday evening, their faith was rewarded.  Kona and Koni we adopted as a pair.