German Shepherd Who Spent Three Years in a Cage Is Finally Rescued

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3.29.16 - German Shepherd Who Spent Three Years in a Cage Is Rescued1


This comes from Guardians of Rescue:





Long Island, NY: Meet Teddy (aka Simba). Teddy lived in isolation. He never had a puppyhood, has never known love, and has never known what it is to be a partner or companion. Teddy lived in a covered crate in a basement for over 3 years!

This beautiful boy needs out of foster and into a special home. He is a good boy, friendly, meets new people graciously and often will give kisses. He has never had a long-term, reliable environment. Presently he is boarding at the vets office and everyone interacts with him and loves him!

He would do best in a home with no other pets (or at least dogs that would be submissive), and no young children. He is eager to learn commands and wants to please. You can see that Teddy is a diamond in the rough and has the potential to be a great partner. ARE YOU THAT PARTNER? TEDDY NEEDS YOU!

Please contact [email protected]

Together we save them!


GoR is based on Long Island.  They have many rescued animals available for adoption, and always need fosters, adopters, and donors so they can continue to save the lives of abused and badly neglected dogs on the East Coast.  If you would like to help in some way, please CLICK HERE.

82 thoughts on “German Shepherd Who Spent Three Years in a Cage Is Finally Rescued”

  1. People listen up !!
    We need to organize in our own communities and propose state laws that prosecute animal abusers and the abusers should be prohibited from ever having any animals. ever again!
    These abusers should have to register as animal abusers on a national registry with their names and the offense and town in which they live.
    We all must speak for the animals and protect them from human abusers who are actually cowards.
    We would call this registry “The Center for Abused and Exploited Animals. ”
    We should do this for factory farmed animals in horrific conditions waiting for us to help them as well.

  2. for those of you who said you wanted him, please follow through with action. Contact the group that rescued him and hopefully they will evaluate the best situation for him so he will know nothing but love and happiness for the rest of his life!

  3. shame on people like that .We would love ,love ,love love to give him the home and love he deserves.


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