Giveaway: $400 DenHaus Mahogany Dog Crate

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Go ahead, put that favorite vase of flowers on top of your dog’s new home. The TownHaus is a superbly sturdy piece of furniture on the outside and the cozy space your dog craves on the inside, and one of our lucky readers is going to win a free TownHaus of their own.

This is a very exciting giveaway for us, and for you. Life With Dogs has teamed up with fashion retailer for a giveaway with a twist – and we’ll tell you more about that shortly.

We’re sponsoring a huge DenHaus sale event that will run from February 15-18th. offers exclusive limited duration sale events of designer brands. Members save up to 85% on apparel, jewelry, accessories, watches, and…DenHaus dog crates! If you want to be notified when the event starts, be sure to get on Modnique’s mailing list.

Now let’s learn more about the big prize. *Important: Note that we are giving away the TownHaus in size small. If you need a larger size, you may enter, and if you win and wish to upgrade you may do so for the difference in cost (go here for pricing). So if you need a large, a $450 TownHaus is yours for $50.01. Not bad!

The Townaus is the only wooden dog crate featuring a uniquely designed door with removable grate; so you can allow your pets to come and go freely, or safely secure them.

Be Confident
DenHaus Dens meet and exceed high-end furniture quality. That means you can be confident that your dog is safe and your hot cup of coffee resting on top won’t spill.

Get the Right Size – Use this Sizing Chart.

*Good to know: Best suited for dogs that are crate trained and not prone to destructive chewing. We do not accept returns for dens damaged by pets.

Mahogany finish

How to Enter

Let’s get to the fun part, because this is a two part entry with a really fun twist. As always, only our daily digest subscribers are eligible, and if you’re not one, you can fix that in five seconds by clicking here. If you’re already subscribed, here’s how to enter:

1. “Like” on Facebook. How easy was that?

2. Since this this giveaway will bee seen by many, and because the dog lucky enough to score a Townhaus will be living it up in luxury and style, I thought it would be nice if we kept those less fortunate in mind, and did a little something to give them a boost. So the for the second part of your entry, here is your challenge:  go find us a link to an available dog in a shelter.

Come back here and leave it in the comments, and just tell us a thing or two about the dog – it doesn’t have to be anything fancy: a simple, “He’re is _____, a cute ______(breed) from____” or something along those lines will do. Of course, if you’re as passionate about the cause as many of us are, something tells me you might do a better job of making a case for taking home the shelter dog you’re showcasing.  😉

*Important: If you do not leave your e-mail address in the comment field we will have no way to notify you if you win. Your e-mail is only visible to us, and is never shared with third parties. You need not e-mail us to enter this contest, but we will be verifying e-mail subscriptions when selecting a winner, so if you’re not in our e-mail list be sure to sign up before the giveaway ends. Speaking of that, the deadline for entry will be midnight EST, Thursday February 17th, and this contest is only open to residents of the US.

We’ll use to select one lucky winner, who will be notified by e-mail on Friday the 18th, a week from today. That gives you plenty of time to tell us about a dog in need, and more than enough time for your dog to get fired up about the possibility of winning a new pad.  😉

As always, good luck!

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100 thoughts on “Giveaway: $400 DenHaus Mahogany Dog Crate”

  1. #146 is a small male pekinese. Extremely cute Black and white. 2-3 years old.
    He has to be out by Monday Feb 14.–Urgent
    KY- FEB 12 *** DOGS NEED MOVED NOW, SHELTER IS FULL, NO SPACE!!!!*** SHELTER IS FULL! ALL AVAILABLE DOGS ARE URGENT! Shelter is very small ONLY 22 KENNELS. Can take in 30 dogs in ONE DAY! CONTACT MISTY if you can save this dog [email protected] …or call her at the shelter at (606)679-6432 Killing for space.. shelter only has 22 kennels!! They are FULL AGAIN! Pulaski County Animal Shelter in Somerset, KY

  2. Hi – I don’t think I did this right – lol. But I saw Carson’s picture and story and just wanted to make a shout out for all the seniors. Poor Carson was given up at 13 years of age because his “family” couldn’t get an area on his leg to heal. They were treating it as a hot spot, which did not heal because it was NOT a hot spot. He ia all better now and waiting to find a real family to live out his senior years. He is a Jack Russell and you can tell by the gleam in his eyes that he has a lot of life still in him. He would love to sit in someone’s lap and be mellow MOST of the time. We need to take care of our Seniors better – two legged and four legged.

    PS – I “liked” Modnique. What a great find!! My three rescue babies would LOVE taking turns hanging out in this cool den!

    Jack Russell Terrier: An adoptable dog in Charlotte, NC
    Small • Senior • Male

    Hello, my name is Carson and I am the old man of the house. Pretty soon I will be 13, I hope that will be lucky number. My family took me to the dog pound and left me. I had a hot spot on my leg, they couldn’t get it to go away. My foster mom took me to Dr. Love in McConnells. He said the reason it would not go away was because it wasn’t a hotspot. It is all gone now and I am pretty perfect. I know that I am pretty old but I still have lots of life left in me. I love to be petted and have tummy rubs. I love to be talked to and I listen pretty well. I am not a lot of trouble. I just don’t like other dogs or cats,and little children make me nervous. If you think you would like to meet me, please contact my foster mom. She will tell you all about me. Her email address is [email protected]. Thanks for listening, Carson
    More about Carson
    Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots
    Carson’s Contact Info
    Carolina Russell Rescue, Charlotte, NC

  3. I don’t have a specific dog I want to sponsor but we got two of our 4 greyhounds from our local greyhound adoption group called It’s a Grey Area. Greyhounds make wonderful pets…I guess that’s why I have four! If you live in Louisiana or Mississippi you should definitely google It’s a Grey Area.


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