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Gluttonous Dog Sends Herself into a Food Coma by Devouring the Entire Christmas Turkey

by Melanie

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Bubba’s family has learned a very important lesson this year:  don’t leave food unattended and within reach of the dog.  The Chi Apso managed to gobble down an entire turkey, save for a tiny scrap.  Very bloated and unable to move after her feast, she then passed out on the floor.




Thanksgiving is the holiday you’d usually associate a food coma with, but holidays mean nothing to animals.  When you’ve got a dog with no self-control (i.e. every dog), all it takes is a few minutes alone in a kitchen with a delicious turkey to become the IRL equivalent of Garfield scarfing down an entire cavalcade of lasagnas.




Bubba was nice enough to leave a small bit of breast meat for her three human family members to share.  Bubba’s thinking:  “That should be more than enough, right?  That’s how much they would have given me.”




Thankfully relatives had some extra turkey that they brought over, and aside from feeling uncomfortably full, Bubba made a full recovery.