Going for Broke: Gambler Arrested for Leaving 27 Animals in Hot Car

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Lori Pellin, 39, is charged with two counts of animal abuse after police say she left 25 cats and two dogs inside a hot car while she went into a casino in St. Charles on Sunday afternoon. A casino guest spotted the Chevy Lumina and called police. They responded in time and the animals all survived. They are being cared for by St. Charles Animal Control and should be available for adoption in a couple days.

“The temperature was probably in excess of 90 degrees and we’re very fortunate that the witness stopped and called the police,” said Lt. Mike Akers, St. Charles Police.

Police say the conditions inside the car were deplorable. “The interior of the vehicle was very cluttered with debris there was car food strewn throughout the vehicle there was no water obviously the interior of the vehicle was covered with cat and animal feces,” Said Akers.

Pellin told police that she became homeless three days ago and had no where else to take her animals. She said she went to the casino to use a computer to look for an apartment.

“She also indicated she wanted to do a little bit of gambling,” said Akers.

He hopes others will remember to plan ahead when they take their pets somewhere and never leave them in a hot car. The St. Charles City Animal Control is looking for donations to help care for the extra animals. Call 636-949-3395 if you wish to help.

There is one twist to this story: – one of the dogs was microchipped, but came back registered to a different owner. That owner has been contacted and her lost dog is about to be returned.

Pellin was jailed Monday on a $1,500 bond.

from KPLR

23 thoughts on “Going for Broke: Gambler Arrested for Leaving 27 Animals in Hot Car”

  1. Poor babies… so glad that all of the kitties and the two dogs were rescued… hopefully if the woman has mental illness issues, these issues will be treated. If she did this because of stupidity, irresponsibility, and disregard for the animals… I hope that she is punished appropriately. I would NEVER leave my cats in a hot car!

  2. Clearly there is something wrong with her. She had too many pets in the first place if she was on the verge of homelessness. Then, she piled them all in a car, with no particular destination in mind. Then, the casino sounded like a good idea to her. (btw, if you believe the apartment piece, you aren’t paying close enough attention). She needs to get mental help. Fortunately someone called. They looked for her for two hours in the casino. If nobody would have helped the animals in that time she would have come back to a pretty grim scene, and we would be reading an entirely different story.


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