Good on Ya! Brave Sheila Scares Croc Away from Tiny Pup…with a Flip-Flop!

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Holy Jane of the Jungle, Batman!

We neither condone nor encourage this tactic if a huge crocodile approaches you and your tiny dog, however we do have to give this woman mad respect!

The brave-and-crazy lady was captured on video in Cahill’s Crossing in Kakadu in the Northern Territory (lots o’ crocs in these parts!). As the monster reptile approached the woman and a tiny pooch near her feet — perhaps with a snack in mind — she was too cool for school!

Casually removing her flip-flop as though about to wave an errant fly from her sandwich, she gave the croc a warning, following it up with a clap and a shout.

Unbelievably, the croc decided this meal was more trouble than it was worth and swam off.

“(The crocodiles) could grab a person here every day of the week if they wanted to,” ranger Gary Lindner told ABC Australia.

“A lady turns up with a small dog, it sets the instinct off immediately in the crocodile … one crocodile went straight over another crocodile and straight towards her,” local crocodile enthusiast Lyndon Anlezark, who filmed the incident, told the network. “We could have had a death there that day.”

All the experts polled agreed it was an unwise, if lucky, tactic. The best idea, one offered, would be to take the dog, back away slowly and not make sudden movements. An adult croc, he noted, can run as fast as an adult human.

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