Guide Dog Saves Blind Woman from Burglars

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When burglars broke into the home of a 54-year-old blind woman in Philadelphia early Friday her guide dog came to her aid. He not only chased the burglars away, he helped her dial 911 and saved her from a gas leak.

It was around 3 a.m. when the woman woke when she heard her dog barking. The woman heard several male voices in her home. Her guide dog continued to bark and chased the men out of the house. The dog then led her to a phone and helped her dial 911. 

The burglars weren’t the only danger the dog saved the woman from. Someone had turned on the woman’s gas stove without a flame. The home was quickly filling with natural gas. The dog led the woman out of her house and out of harm’s way.

Police arrived on the scene to find the woman waiting on her front lawn. The officer rushed inside to turn off the gas stove.

“It could have been a very serious situation,” Philadelphia police Capt. Francis Bachmayer said. “Thank God there were no injuries.” The gas leak put the entire neighborhood in danger.

As of now authorities have arrested one man in connection with the burglary, 18-year-old Tomay McDuffy. He has been charged with burglary and other related charges. The investigation remains open as detectives determine if anyone else is linked to the crime.