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Happily Ever After for Dog Hit by Car & Facing Death

by Melanie

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5.9.14 - Happily Ever After for Dog Hit by Car & Facing Death1

Sweet Judy Blue Nose was struck by a car and abandoned at an animal hospital by her owner.  Veterinarians felt it would be best to end her misery, but Noah’s Ark Foundation knew she deserved a chance.  Now she has recovered and is the newest member of a loving family.

Last month, the gorgeous gal was brought to the VCA Old River Animal Hospital in Tracy, California by a man claiming to be her owner.  She had a crushed pelvis and road rash, injuries consistent with having been struck by a car.  She had also recently given birth to a litter of puppies.

“The owner said he had to leave the dog and go get money for the dog’s medical assessment and never came back,” said Ned Jackson, medical director of VCA Old River Animal Hospital. “The dog had road rash, raw areas of skin and a crushed pelvis. We made several attempts to contact the owner at the number given but never heard back. We sent an abandonment letter to the address listed and no response. After 36 to 48 hours, we had to make a discussion. The dog was suffering. It was determined to end her suffering and she was scheduled to be put down. That’s when Noah’s Ark Foundation of Tracy stepped in and offered to help.”

“I just fell in love with this dog,” said Larry Hite, founder of Noah’s Ark Foundation of Tracy.

The vet tech student was at the clinic when Judy was brought in.

“When we were cleaning her up, I actually saw a tear come down her face. I’ve never seen that before. This dog was in a lot of pain, and I think she knew it was going to be the end. I told the dog that I wouldn’t let her die.”

She was sent to Sacramento for a $5,000 surgery, fronted by an extremely kind benefactor.  A fundraiser has been set up to help pay them back.

“Shortly after her surgery, the dog was returned back to us,” Jackson said. “She made great progress. Within a week of her surgery, she could stand and support her weight. I’d say that was pretty good. She can now walk on all four legs. To this day, no one has inquired or claimed the dog.”

Judy was placed in a foster home, but couldn’t stay because her foster mom’s cat was freaked out by her.  Not to worry, however – just a week ago she was adopted!

“I’m convinced that God was in here making sure things were happening,” Hite said. “With each deadline given for this dog, someone came through to help.”