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Dog Carries Abandoned Newborn Child to Shelter

by Melanie

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5.9.14 - Maternal Instinct Dog Pic1
Stock photo of China, another Argentinean dog who saved a baby’s life last year.


The mother of a recent litter of pups proved just how universal maternal instincts are when she rescued an abandoned newborn baby in Argentina and carried it 50 feet to the shelter from the cold she had for her puppies.

The crying infant had been discovered by the dog lying in a field.  She scooped the baby up, just like one of her pups, and carried it 50 feet over to where she was sheltering her own pups from the cold.

Chief of Police Daniel Salcedo said the baby was found nestled down, keeping warm with the pups.  A nearby neighbor heard the infant crying, and went to check things out.  After seeing the infant cuddling up, they called authorities straight away.

There were a few superficial wounds and scrapes on the child, a bit a bruising and some bleeding in the mouth.  Otherwise, he was in good shape.

Salcedo said in a CNN interview that the dog is “a hero.”

“She took it like a puppy and rescued it,” he told CNN.  “The doctors told us if she hadn’t done this, he would have died.”

The very next morning, the child’s mother was located and then driven by a neighbor to the hospital, and admitted the infant was in fact her baby.

The teenage mother is currently hospitalized and is undergoing psychological treatment.  The baby is going to be just fine, and authorities are still discussing the best course of action to now take, in the best interests of the child.