Harbor Patrol saves dog stuck on ice

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A young dog has two dedicated Harbor Patrol officers to thank today after he was rescued from a piece of floating ice in Milwaukee Sunday evening.  Officers got a call about the stranded dog and immediately responded to try and help him.  They got into a boat and made their way to him but the frightened pooch would not approach them.

After the officers failed to coax him toward the boat, one of them officers got out onto the ice and went to the dog.  He was then able to put a leash on him and bring him over to the boat and back to shore.  The incident occurred on the KK River near Becher Street and both the dog and his rescuers are extremely lucky that they didn’t end up in the freezing water during the rescue.  It all went very smoothly and the dog was taken to a veterinarian for a check up following the rescue.

He appears to be about 3 years old and possibly a Mastiff mix.  He was cold, wet, and hungry, and did not have a collar or a microchip to identify him.  Police are hoping the media attention will help to locate his owners as he does look to be in good health and cared for.  He has a stocky build but is not overweight and is tan in colour.

If you have information about the identity of the dog or his owners please contact the Milwaukee Police Harbor Patrol.