He Might Not Be the Fastest, But He Certainly Is the Cutest

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Most people are familiar with the story of the tortoise and the hare.  Well, Zeus shows us that slow and steady sure does win the race – to our hearts.




70 thoughts on “He Might Not Be the Fastest, But He Certainly Is the Cutest”

  1. I was saddened while watching this video. I have owned 12 English Mastiffs, all senior special needs rescues, over past 10 yrs.
    I know this breed well. This dog is not enjoying doing agility courses. Just ask a retired football linebacker to become a gymnast. Jumping up and down, twisting & turning, overexertion are all deadly to a large breed dog. Their bodies are not made for this type of human entertainment.
    Life with Dogs, I’m surprised this was supported by your organization. I am allowed to have this strong opinion because once this dog goes lame, adopters like me will need to step in and save their lives.


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