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Help find Lola – an assistance dog that was stolen from her owners car


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The theft of a dog is a terrible act, but even more so when the owner relies on their pet for survival.  This is the case for Robert Runkle whose dog Lola was stolen from his car  a week ago.  Runkle got a yorkshire terrier named Lola who is a California certified assistance dog, 2 years ago.  She is trained to recognize physical problems like the onset of physical distress.

Runkle battles chronic kidney disease and has dialysis 4 times a week for 6 hours.  Last week when he was at his dialysis appointment he returned to his car to find a window smashed and Lola gone.  He is heartbroken as Lola is all he has.  “I don’t have a significant other,” Runkle said. “Lola was everything to me. She got me up and got me motivated.”

Runkle was put on the list for a kidney transplant this year, which if successful would have changed his whole life.  Then disaster struck on November 15th when he found out he had lymphoma.  He is now also going through chemo, and while he has cancer he is no longer eligible for a transplant.  And now Lola has been taken from him.  “I literally got to know everyone on the street because of Lola,” Runkle said. “If people didn’t acknowledge her, she’d bark until they did.”

Runkle’s neighbors have been canvassing and searching to help find Lola.  One neighbour, Tracy Moon has offered a $3000 reward for Lola’s safe return and says, “We are ready to take Lola back and give the money, no questions asked.” Moon added, “Unfortunately, I’ve learned more than I wanted to about a black market for purebred Yorkies, that’s the reason I put up such a large reward. I know they can get $300 on the street.”

Runkle is grateful for the outpouring of compassion and help, and just wants to see his baby Lola safely at home again. No one should have to endure such heartache as he has lately, alone.  If you have information about Lola