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Help Save Hank. His Days Are Numbered

by Katherine

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Photographer Pavlina Sanborn is originally from the Czech Republic, but here in the United States, Saint Augustine, Fla., is what she calls home. For the past 17 years she has been working as a professional dog trainer and through her passion, photography, she has helped saved many shelter dogs. Currently, she is trying to help Hank, a large breed dog living in Clay County Animal Care & Control in Green Cove Springs, Fla. Hank doesn’t have much time to find a new home. His “expiration day” is September 29, 2014.


“Hank is a ‘rescue only’ dog,” said Sanborn on her blog. “[He] is a big dog, therefore he is not ideal for a family with children. He is very smart and responds to positive dog training techniques. We are really looking either for experienced rescue with larger breeds or experienced home for Hank.”

<140927 Hank5The avid dog photographer says the shelter has been good to Hank for a very long time, but like many other shelters across the nation lacking space for their animals, they are force to limit the time a dog can live at the shelter before they regretfully have to put them down.

“Please, no negative comments regarding the shelter,” said Sanborn. “Our shelter director has been just great at giving every single less adoptable dog a time. Time is all we need to look for experienced home. Hank is for serious inquiries only and truly experienced home only.”

The almost-out-of-time pet loves to chase tennis balls, he is highly ball and food motivated, loves car rides, walks, to cuddle, and best of all, this large pooch already knows various commands.

“Hank majored in kissing and he is a serious kisser. [He] doesn’t do well with people who want to dominate him as he is not a very confident dog. That’s why [he] needs an experienced home.”

During his stay at the shelter Hank has bonded with junior volunteer Tal and he can attest to how much of a great pet Hank can be.

“He is a dog with huge potential and I have a high hopes for him,” Sanborn said. “I really hope someone will step forward. I cannot think what happens, if nobody steps forward for this big chunk of love. I know we all try and we won’t give up until the final day.”

If you know of a large breed rescue group or an experience dog owner that can help save Hank’s life, please let them know this dog is waiting for a miracle. The pet has to be adopted via rescue only and if necessary, Clay County Animal Care & Control will help deliver Hank to his new home. So far a gentleman has offered to pay for six months of Hank’s food and vet care, and after meeting him, the interested party said he is willing to cover Hank’s care for up to a year.

If you are interested in Hank, please contact Clay County Animal Care & Control by calling 904-269-6342. Help save Hank’s life.

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Learn more abut Hank by reading Sanborn’s original blog post and watch a video here.