Hero Dog in Michigan Fights Off Home Invader

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Stock photo obtained from Google Images.
Stock photo obtained from Google Images.

A dog from Tekonsha, Michigan is a hero today after stopping his human from being assaulted by a home invader.  When the intruder was attempting to cause physical harm to the dog’s human, he sprang into action, attacking the attacker from behind, and leading to an arrest.

The homeowner said that the suspect broke into his home through a window.  The window was unlocked in the home on the 900 block of Old US 27, and the invader made his way in sometime after midnight.

The suspect is a 22-year-old man, also from a local town.  After breaking in and waking the homeowner, the two men came face to face, and the intruder is accused of beginning to assault the homeowner.  During the altercation, the homeowner’s dog was alerted and came to his human’s aid.

The dog began to attack the intruder.  After inflicting many painful bites to the intruder, the homeowner finally got away to call police.  After they arrived, they found the intruder, badly injured by the bites he received for his break-in efforts.

The intruder was first taken to a local emergency room for his injuries.  It was discovered that what was needed was reconstructive surgery to fix some of the injuries he got from the dog.  He was later transferred to Borges Medical Center for surgery.

The name of the suspect, homeowner and dog in question remain withheld at the time of this writing, as the police are still investigating.  Check back with us later for more information as it is available.