Paralyzed Dog Stuns Mom by Walking Again

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See the heart-touching reaction a dog mom has when she finds out that her paralyzed dog Sammi has regained the ability to walk.

From the YouTube description:

After his surgeon was unable to remove excess bone during surgery near his spinal column, Sammi the Springer Spaniel’s health declined. The puppy needed intense rehabilitation as he became quadriplegic post-surgery and his family prayed for a miracle.

They brought him to the California Animal Rehabilitation Center in Santa Monica, California, where doctors feared that the outcome was bleak. What happened next was a completely unbelievable to everyone around Sammi! After three intense months of daily rehabilitation, Sammi managed to defy all odds and took his first steps. This was the first time his owner had seen him walking again. Make sure you have tissues nearby!


77 thoughts on “Paralyzed Dog Stuns Mom by Walking Again”

  1. First, women do deliver dogs so this is this dogs “mom”. You people treat dogs better than you do your own children, it’s a pet not a human. I like dogs, but they are animals, they are not apart of my family, they do not even no why they are here. Dogs do not have a conscious or a spirit,

    That’s great that the dog can walk again!


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