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Hero Dog Saves Owner From Deadly House Fire

by Katherine

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In Del Viso, Argentina, a small, white, toy dog named Guri saved his owner’s life when the dog barked and nipped at the owner’s arms to wake her up, saving her from the deadly house fire.

The blaze happened on Saturday Sept. 8, 2013, around 7 a.m. In the house resided Veronica, the owner, her three children, and Guri, the house pet. Fortunately, Veronica’s three children were not in the home at the time of the fire.

Burnt down house with truck (left image, bottom-right corner) where Guri was found. Guri the hero dog (left image)
Burnt down house with truck (left image, bottom-right corner) where Guri was found. Guri the hero dog (left image).


As soon as the fire started Guri started barking but Veronica was sound asleep. When the dog realized his owner was not aware of the danger, Guri ran to the bedroom, jumped on Veronica’s bed, and continued to bark desperately. The barks did not wake Veronica and that is why the dog nipped at Veronica’s arms until she realized they were both in danger.

According to El Diario Pilar, Veronica was startled by the heavy smoke quickly filling her bedroom and the fast flames consuming the walls. She ran towards the front door and Guri followed her. Once they were safe, the roof collapsed.

Seconds later local firefighters arrived at the scene and successfully contained the fire preventing adjacent homes from burning down.

Veronica suffered minor burns and was taken to a hospital. Unfortunately, in the middle of the commotion no one paid attention to Guri or looked after him. Hours later a neighbor found Guri hiding under a white truck parked in the front yard. The white dog was now gray from the heavy smoke. He was scared and also suffered minor burns, but he was happy to see a friendly caring hand willing to help him.

When Veronica returned home she was reunited with her hero dog. Guri was then treated for the sustained injuries.

Both Guri and Veronica are expected to make a full recovery.