Homeless Best Friends

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A remarkable program at the Pine Street Inn provides provides shelter for both homeless dogs and homeless men.

Anya was abandoned after spending most of her first two years neglected, locked in a garage. Stewart Thorpe spent 30 years on the streets of Boston, sleeping in subways and on sidewalks. When a Pine Street worker first approached him, he was too fearful to look them in the eye.

But something special has taken place between Thorpe and Anya and a handful of other homeless men and dogs in a Pine Street shelter program this year. Anya is finding out what it means to trust and be cared for, while Thorpe and other men in the program are learning how to live again.

“I’ve committed myself to doing something again,’’ Thorpe said. “I’m thinking of something other than me.’’

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11 thoughts on “Homeless Best Friends”

  1. These kinds of programs makes so much sense – especially in a world where “helping” dollars are becoming more and more scarce. Why aren’t they more common?

  2. This got me teary eyed. I am so thankful for people out their that cared enough about these homeless men and their beloved pets to do this for them. I know sometimes this is all they have and their pets mean so much too them.

  3. When you hear about people on the streets who do have dogs, they almost invariably will do whatever they have to in order to take care of their furry friends. Even if it costs them their own comfort.

    Dogs give unconditional love without any judgment no matter what. You can be a king, or a homeless person, and the dog couldn’t care less.

  4. its nice to know that some goodness is still left… i hope more of these shelters come up…
    P.S: can anyone tell me the breed of this dog- Anya. she’s beautiful!!!


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