Homeless Women save Dog Thrown from Speeding Car

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On May 30, 2014, four dogs were thrown from a moving vehicle into a Phoneix, Ariz., dog park just after 10 p.m. Two dogs, Cairn Terrier mix puppies, and a Chihuahua/MinPin mix are just a few months old. They were picked up by Gil Flores and turned into Arizona’s Humane Society. The fourth dog was spotted by two homeless women who witnessed the cruel act, and cared for the dog overnight.



The following morning, the homeless rescuers sought help for the female dog because she was injured. The canine was also turned into the Humane Society and given medical assistance.

Tanya Taylor, one of the homeless women told The Inquisitr she got attached to the injured dog while she cared for her, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to help the pet with the sustained injures and that is why she asked for help.



Police have learned the abusers were two Hispanic male teens driving a tan Honda Civic or Accord. They approached the dog park late at night and threw the animals over a 6-foot fence.

All dogs have been checked by a veterinarian and are receiving treatment for their injuries. The puppies were found to have skin infections and some of them, along the older female dog, suffered fractures to their legs from being thrown into the park.

Right now, the puppies are under foster care. The older female dog is being treated and cared for at the Humane Society. All dogs will be available for adoption once they receive a clean bill of health.

Police are urging the community to contact Crime Stopper at 602-262-6151 with any information that can lead to the arrest of the abusers. A YouCaring,com page has been created to collect funds for a reward.

17 thoughts on “Homeless Women save Dog Thrown from Speeding Car”

  1. Thank goodness the dogs were saved and are being cared for now. With this good publicity, they should be able to find loving homes as soon as they are well enough. The older dog looks so sweet; wish I could adopt her but unfortunately can’t. The puppies are darling. I hope they will be adopted by people who know how to train them properly as they are breeds who are among the most independent. Their training will take more persistence but same as with all dog training, should be done with love and patience. Then they should make great pets. Good luck to all and deep thanks to their rescuers.

  2. i wish someone would do to people what they do to animals .. and alot of this abuse would stop.

    If they treat animals this way think how they would treat another person.. it being 2 males think how they would treat a woman….

    • Couldn’t agree with you more! Every time I read about animal abuse, I want to tie the person who did it up to a tree for a day and see how they survive compared to the poor dog that they left for months on end. Repulsive.

  3. When I was 12 years old, I was riding my bike. Someone threw a black and white sheltie type dog out a car window in front of me. The dog was inside a black plastic garbage bag! I thought the people were trying to hit me with a bag of garbage. I saw the bag move, and ripped it open. The poor dog was terrified, and really afraid of men. I took him home of course. My Mom found him a really good home with some co-workers who adored dogs. We already had two dogs of our own. I wanted to keep him, but in the end it was better, and I got to see him all the time, when we had BBQ’s together. I don’t know how anyone could throw a dog from a moving car. I’m glad the women helped the dog.

  4. Maybe these teens were told by their parents to get rid of the puppies and the other dog or possibly they decided to get them out of mistreatment or neglect at home and just didn’t know what else to do, and kept driving because they were afraid of getting caught. Perhaps they picked a dog park thinking that would be a good place where someone might find them and take care of them. Obviously pitching dogs over a fence from a moving vehicle would very likely hurt them, but maybe they weren’t thinking–stupid but perhaps not intentional cruelty. If they are found, law enforcement can know for sure.

    • BS!!!!! They were trying to get rid of them. Period. There are better ways to “get rid” of animals than throwing them over a fence you stupid human you!!!!! In a park at 10pm at night. Take off your rose-colored glasses and call it what it is- animal abuse!!!!

  5. Some people can be so ugly and filled with evil.. But the good thing there was an angel to save there lives.. That’s beautiful..

  6. Is there nothing being done for the kindness of these strangers who saved the lives of the puppies? Perhaps they should be considered in all of this as well. As usual, the homeless are just left to fall between the cracks, without being thought of for any acts of kindness or thoughtfulness. Well, ‘they want to be homeless’, isn’t that what people always say who want to sweep this under the rug. I have never, ever seen such injustice directed to a group of people who society just dismisses and pretty much has forgotten even exists. Great world we live in! Wait, I have to stop typing…I hear another Kardashian story coming!!!


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