UPDATE: Joe Dirt Finds Forever Home after Getting Rescued

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We told you about a stray dog in Modesto, Calif., that for the past month had been living in a dirt field. Local residents had tried to rescue him but the dog was so afraid of human contact that he just kept running away. Well, this little pup dubbed Joe Dirt was finally caught on July 16, 2014, and was welcomed into a loving forever home. That same day, rescuers learned that Joe was not a Joe but a Joan.

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Joe Dirt is now Heidi and she is safe in her forever home.
Joe Dirt is now Heidi and she is safe in her forever home.


After several attempts to capture this dog – humane traps, people corralling the dog, and even a tranquilizing dart – the elusive stray ran away from the dirt patch, but days later rescuers received a tip of the dog’s new whereabouts.

The canine was hanging around a road-widening project three miles away. Laurie Pallotta, one of the concerned citizens trying to capture the dog immediately moved her rescuing efforts to the new location.

According to The Modesto Bee, for five days Pallotta and her husband tried luring the dog with food but were not successful. On July 16, they placed a crate behind a bush, the stray dog walked in, and from a distance, Pallota’s husband pulled on a rope attached to the crate’s door to secure and capture the pup.

“This dog did not flinch or go crazy, she just sat there and looked at us like, ‘I am relieved, I am tired, I am weary and I am ready for this to be over,'” said Pallotta.

Joe Dirt, now named Heidi, found her forever home with the Pallottas. The pup was checked by a veterinarian and given a clean bill of health. She is approximately two-years-old and a terrier mix.

Heidi has been microchipped and if she ever gets lost, once re-captured she’ll be able to come back home. There is no doubt that this dog’s days as a stray are over. Heidi is adapting to her life as a loved pet, it is clear she will rather be loved and safe in her new home than scared and lonely on the streets.