Hundreds Gather Outside Courtroom Advocating Justice for Mary

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Hundreds of protesters gathered outside of the Marathon County Courthouse in Wausau, Wisconsin on Wednesday in support of Mary.  Mary was the Labrador/shepherd mix who died in June at the hands of her owner’s girlfriend, Sean Janas.  Twenty-year-old Janas was charged with the felony mistreatment of an animal, the misdemeanor of poisoning an animal and obstructing an officer.

Janas waived her right to a preliminary hearing, but a pretrial hearing is set for November 12, when she is expected to enter a plea.  If found guilty, Janas will be sentenced with a $10,000 fine, three-and-a-half years in prison or both.


Mary’s supporters feel this is not enough, and are pushing for harsher sentences for animal abuse and murder, particularly in circumstances such as these.  Janas routinely tortured four-year-old Mary over several months, finally slitting her throat in June.  She poured bleach and Drano down Mary’s throat for weeks.   Janas kept a detailed account of her abuse in a diary, describing how much pleasure she got out of watching the innocent dog suffer.

Janas’ boyfriend and Mary’s owner, Steven Kuick, claimed he didn’t know Mary was being abused, but he did know she was sick, and said she had been vomiting blood the week prior to her murder.   Neighbors allege they witnessed Janas yelling at the dog in the backyard and striking her with a leash.  Advocates for Mary wonder how nothing was reported to the authorities.  Police intervention may have put a mentally disturbed woman behind bars and saved a dog’s life.

Mary’s supporters made their feelings known as they stood outside the courthouse on Halloween.  One impassioned woman, Kelli Obremski, brought her teenage sons Ben and Tanner and their boxer, Parker, to the demonstration.

Protester Kelli Obremski

“We don’t have tough enough laws that protect animals, and I believe vets should have to report any suspected abuse, just like they would in a child,” Obremski said.  “If (Janas) killed man’s best friend, she should get the maximum penalty possible.  If the abuse had been reported, I have to wonder if that dog could have been saved.”

Protesters of animal abuse strongly urge anyone who suspects foul play to call police, their local humane society or animal shelters, who may contact police for you should you wish to remain anonymous.  But the important thing to remember is not to remain silent.  There are several petitions for Mary making their rounds on the internet.


11 thoughts on “Hundreds Gather Outside Courtroom Advocating Justice for Mary”

  1. I‘m glad people came out in support for Mary, poor dog. This woman that committed this crime is a threat to society and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If I were to pass judgement she‘d be in jail for life. To record her pleasure in torturing this poor dog before finally killing it shows a disregard for life shows a sadistic cruelty. Her boyfriend should also be held liable, how can he watch the dog vomit blood and not know something is wrong and don’t take it to the vet? Excuse for human beings like these make me sick at the same time make my blood boil.

  2. This makes me want to cry. I would have taken that doggie and given her a home where she could be happy and healthy!!!

  3. I wish there would be such advocacy for farm animals because the truth is they feel just as much as “pets” do in terms of abuse and affection. To advocate for one animal and not for all is hippocracy. For as long as humans embrace the negative/dark energies there will always be suffering upon us all. This case is an instance where a woman has chosen to embrace the evil/devil that exists in all of us, some of us just rather follow the dark energies rather than fight to suppress it .

  4. Yes, dhara, EXACTLY! This case maddens me beyond belief, but why are you all so devastated by one animal’s cruel death when millions of animals are being tortured and sexually abused (yep, there’s video footage) their entire lives then slaughtered inhumanely, so you can eat their flesh? There’s no difference…it’s all disgusting.

  5. Tougher laws against animal abuse need to be put in place now! This story makes me so sick to my stomach, I can hardly believe that anyone can be so demented! She needs to be put away for good. If she took that much pleasure in this horrible act of torture, she will surely do it again! I would love to get a hold of this woman myself!!!! People also need to start speaking up for animals, especially if they have any suspicion or inkling that an animal is being abused in any way. Don’t be afraid to report abuse, poor Mary could have been saved in neighbors would have spoke up for her!

  6. What is wrong with these people? I wish I had control over that thing’s punishment! The very same cruel acts would be performed on her to suffer like she did to poor innocent Mary. Is that what it takes for people to stop abusing animals? they have feelings too. Animals have more feelings and love than most people I know!!! This breaks my heart………..she could have been saved.


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