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In a World Full of Trash, One Dog Is Making a Difference

by Melanie

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The way some people have treated this planet is disgraceful.  We should be doing everything we can to protect it, and we can all do our parts by creating less waste and recycling anything possible.  One dog in Germany is certainly doing his share and more by collecting and disposing of the litter he finds in his favorite park.

It’s usually the people who have to clean up after their dogs, but this pup is putting humans to shame!  He’s been well-trained, and his family should be proud.




Sascha Gilly Israel was visiting the park when he saw the dog doing his duty to the environment.

“This dog is my hero. I saw him walking towards the trash can with trash in his snout and started recording immediately,” he said on YouTube.

Hopefully people will take a lesson and start cleaning up after themselves so dogs don’t have to.