Is this the world’s new oldest dog?

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Not only is Smokey a marvel at 24 years of age – he also happens to come with an endearing tale of enduring friendship.

His guardian first met him on the side of a rural highway in North Carolina back in 1987. Harry Williams Jr. expected to rehome the stray without too much trouble, and quickly learned that nobody else wanted the dog.

That fateful roadside meeting led to a two decade long friendship that Williams can’t imagine living without. And while he does not have a birth certificate to prove Smokey’s true age, he says that’s not really the point.


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16 thoughts on “Is this the world’s new oldest dog?”

  1. Well, I know some DNA we need to store away……

    Maybe we can use his genes for gene therapy on our dogs to keep them around muchhhhhh longer.

  2. II look at my guys and thnk “If only” – great for Smokey and his owner – great dog and great owner!


  3. Smokey is very special. So glad he has a wonderful owner to take great care of him. It got me teary eyed when he got choked up when they asked about loosing Smokey one day. You can tell he really loves the dog.

  4. The best things in life are unplanned………I have one 2 legged baby and seven 4 legged ones, all unplanned! Bless Smokey and his owner.

  5. The ending made me cry. :’-) When Williams cried, I cried. So sad. I’ve dealt with pets’ deaths more than 8 times.


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