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Jack and Jill: Rescued from Life Tied to a Tree

by Melanie

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Jack and Jill spent the first several years of their lives tied to a tree, knowing nothing but abuse and misery.  They were rescued from the hoarding situation they lived in, and then spent several months in a kennel during the cruelty case.  But they remain ever sweet and loving, and now these two are looking for a home in the Chicago area!

Best Friends FURRever Animal Rescue was contacted about two Jack Russell terriers who desperately needed a home and some love.  They spent years being tethered and then kenneled, but they still have so much love to give.  The rescue group took them in and is working to find them a home.

5.28.14 - Jack and Jill1

They are silly little snugglebugs who love to play.  No one wants to see sweethearts Jack and Jill get split up, so BFF is really hoping they’ll be adopted together.

If you (live in the Chicago area and) would like more information, or to adopt this bonded pair or another critter in need, please click here.

5.28.14 - Jack and Jill2