Just One Dog, Part 2: Stanley’s Story

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*If you have not seen part one, this post will be lost on you. Please start here.

So many of you asked what happened to Stanley, and I was uncertain. Then the following arrived in my inbox last night:

My name is Cathy Stanley and I am the cocker rescuer who first came upon Stanley in the shelter. In fact, the very first time I laid eyes on him was through the video lens. You will see the video camera walking along the rows of shelter kennels, that was how I was viewing the dogs, through the lens. When I came upon the white pit bull, I stopped dead in my tracks and put the camera down. He was too painful to just pass over.

Well, then I made the video and the rest just snow balled. I hope your readers enjoy the follow up video, it has been six months in the making as Stanley’s story further played out and the ripple effect that he has had to inspire other people everywhere to go out to their local shelters and find the most sad and pathetic and ugly dog they can, and rescue their own “just one dog”.

29 thoughts on “Just One Dog, Part 2: Stanley’s Story”

  1. I’ve rescued for 16 years, and this is the best rescue story I’ve ever seen. Thank you for sharing!
    Peace, Love, Rescue

  2. I LOVE YOU STANLEY!! This story touched my heart – I fell in love with this boy from the moment I saw him on FB. I posted and posted and posted his story on FB and hoped with all my heart that he would have a happy ending. And when I found out he was rescued I did a happy dance for him. May this angel live long and live happy <3

  3. What an inspriational story! I am SO happy Stanley and others, because of him, got a second chance! Lets all do our little part to help the rest of them out there. WAY TO GO, STANLEY! Have a happy life! Many thanks to all who had a part in this rescue.


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