Juveniles Arrested for Viral Video of Dog Abuse

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2.27.14 - Juveniles Arrested for Viral Video1


Two juveniles have been arrested for their participation in a video they made of one of them picking up a pit bull puppy and hurling it around.  Viewers across the country contacted the St. Louis County Police to report the video and see that action be taken.  The dog has been taken into custody and is now safe.

St. Louis County Police launched their investigation after receiving numerous calls about a video depicting animal abuse that was being shared all over Facebook.  The dog was picked up by its front legs and thrown into the air, and punched when it landed.

“Apparently, this was a Facebook post that spread far and wide pretty quickly,” said Officer Brian Schellman. “We’ve gotten about 50 calls from people nationwide.”

Redditors also posted alerts about the video, seeking to identify the boy throwing the dog.  A tip was given to police that the boy is a Riverview Gardens student.  School resource officers made the identification, and he and the boy filming and heard laughing were taken into custody.

The police made the following statement on their Facebook page:

“St. Louis County Police have arrested two juveniles who are being referred to the Family Court for the charge of Animal Abuse. This was an unfortunate incident and we would like to thank the citizens who brought it to the attention of law enforcement. The puppy involved in this unfortunate incident has been seized by animal control, and will be carefully examined and treated for any injuries by their staff. The County Police Department takes these incidents very seriously and we have a zero tolerance approach towards the inhumane treatment of animals.”


The distubing video, which we are assuming most people have no interest viewing, can be seen below.







28 thoughts on “Juveniles Arrested for Viral Video of Dog Abuse”

  1. What the….! Is hapening in the US!!!! I have Never heard of any of these horror stories in Canada!! Cant you pass any laws or something!!!!!!!

    • Please, just read what happened with a dog in British Columbia which was abused for over ten years, idiot. Evil is everywhere, moron

  2. And these people abusing dogs like this and making them vicious is the reason for BSL when it’s the owners not the dog

  3. What are these little monsters going to grow into..
    They should be just drowned now,, save tax payers money on the costs of the jail time there going to serve later on. This is just the beginning the little psychos. There only going to get worse!!!

  4. Please throw the book at these rotten little scumbags! They have no conscience – today it is abusing the poor animals , tomorrow they will be killing them and then perhaps killing people after that – they say killers usually start with abusing animals. All animal abusers need to be punished severely and not just a slap on the hand like usually happens – these filthy little punks needs someone to throw them up in the air and punch them when they come and see how they like it! Their parents also need to be held accountable for raising scum like this!

  5. when I was about 4-5 years old I would swing our beagle, named Queeny, around in a circle by his tail. He was my buddy at that age. We played together and slept together. Read on! I knew I loved it when my dad would swing me around in a circle by my arms and surely my best pal Queeny would love that too. But every time I put Queeny down he would not be happy. At 4-5 years old I couldn’t figure out why he didn’t like that when it was so much fun when my dad swung me around. Viewed out of context today it certainly would be abuse. 50 years later I’m still feeling bad about it.

    • NO ONE with an ounce of sense would accuse you of abuse at 4-5 years old. They would be more likely to ask your mother what was she doing while you were “playing” with the dog! But it’s good that you’re still feeling bad… wait… that didn’t sound right 🙂 Let me try again… The fact that you’re still feeling bad after all these years means that you are a very empathetic person. I think most of us have things in the past that we regret. It keeps us from accidentally doing it again. cheers.


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