Kayakers Rescue Blind Dog Tied to a Rock and Thrown into River

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In Spain, two kayakers rescued a dog they came across while kayaking on the Ebre River. The dog had its hind legs tied to a rock with industrial wire and struggled to swim to shore.

The canine has been named Lucio and is now under the care of a local rescue group.

Lucio Photo Credit: EFE
Photo Credit: EFE


Lucio was taken to a veterinarian hospital in Zaragoza, Spain, where veterinarians determined he was healthy. He only suffered from cuts to his legs caused by the wire, and was dirty and matted due to the debris in the river. Vets also discovered the dog was blind and suffered from osteoarthritis.

According to an Antena 3 report, it is believed that Lucio’s previous owner discarded him because of his old age, blindness, and osteoarthritis, but these reasons won’t stop him from finding new owners who will offer him a better life.

Lucios is expected to make a full recovery. He was given antibiotics and pain medication for the cuts on his legs. He is still a bit scared and disoriented but once he gets used to his new environment he will be ready to enjoy his final years.

We hope Lucio finds new loving owners soon.


12 thoughts on “Kayakers Rescue Blind Dog Tied to a Rock and Thrown into River”

  1. I hope karma comes around for the owner. Dogs deserve so much more than this owner doled out. Hope he continues to improve and finds someone to appreciate his strong heart to survive and ability to trust another human. Dog bless you!!

  2. Irregardless of the reason, the act was cruel and heinous, and the perpetrators need to be punished. Clearly, they have not read or taken to heart Proverbs 12:10. I pray this precious baby finds a home with humans who will love him as he deserves to be loved.

  3. The more I read the more disgusted I become. Thankfully there are still caring people in the world like these rescue angels. I truly hope the monster that did this is somehow caught and has a boulder tied to each leg and they go for a last swim…this is justice…

  4. I try to think of myself as a non-violent person, but in truth I could cheerfully de-man, kneecap, or just plain shoot any individual who does this kind of horrific abuse to an animal. Or maybe tie his limbs to horses headed in four different directions, yeah I like that thought.

    Lucio, live well loved for the rest of your life.

  5. Every time I read about a pet being abused aand thrown away [out a window, burnt, beaten] I remember the story of an abused young dog. The new boyfriend was jealous of the attention the pup was getting, so he beat it, then took it for a ride in the car and threw it out. It survived, the owner had had it chipped and when she went to get it from the shelter, she found out how badly it was hurt, she brought charges against the boyfriend herself. Ladies and gentlemen, we have to be careful who we bring into our homes. Someone who will be jealous of a pet, will be jealous and abusive toward a child. Betsy

  6. People who do something like this to a poor, defenseless dog are worse than animals. Animals deserve compassion. The monsters who did this do not.

    Let me just say that they’re lucky I don’t know them. As an owner of a blind, arthritic dog myself, I can’t even begin to imagine what this poor dog went through or how those owners sleep at night. I hope karma works fast in this case.


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