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Knox Is a Survivor Who’s Been Waiting Far Too Long for a New Human

by Fred

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2.12.17 Knox3


Hello readers!  Today’s Life With Dogs Adoptable Dog of the Day is Knox, and he is an amazing dog.  He’s a survivor, who Gypsy Soul Rottweiler Rescue stepped in to save.  He’s been through so much, and despite all of it, he’s so calm, loving and gentle.  If you’ve been looking for a chill-partner, then Knox is the dog for you!

Let’s let Gypsy Soul introduce you to Knox:

2.12.17 Knox2

Knox is an amazing dog.  He began his life years ago in Joplin Humane Society where he broke with parvo.  Luckily, Knox is a survivor.  He was adopted as a puppy and lived in his first family’s home for 6 years.  After 6 whole years of serving his family loyally, he was returned to Joplin Humane Society because his people was moving and leaving him behind.

As you can imagine, he was stressed out and full of sadness.  Shelters are loud and chaotic and Knox has seen enough of life to know he prefers a calmer lifestyle.  He showed issues with other dogs and the shelter was running out of options.  We stepped in to save Knox’s life– to give him the chance to find his real forever family.  We fell in love with him instantly.  He’s the type of dog who looks straight into your heart with his big brown eyes.  He is almost human in his personality.

2.12.17 KnoxFEAT

Knox is the perfect house dog– he is house trained, crate trained, knows all of his commands, loves people, and enjoys settling down for a relaxing evening on the couch.  He is an extremely loyal dog with a heart of gold who just wants to please his people.  He is smart, funny, and well behaved.  He is not destructive in the house and will make a loving companion.

Knox loves getting his back scratched and his belly rubbed.  Knox cannot go to a home with other dogs or cats… he prefers to be the center of attention.  Knox has been waiting far too long for his new best friends to come along.