Woman Adopts Three Dogs Who Were Scheduled to Be Euthanized Due to Deformities

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When animal rescuers from all over the Owensboro, Kentucky arrived to the scene of a hoarding call, they could tell right away that this was going to be a very big operation.  They discovered more than 60 animals on the property living in the worst conditions imaginable, and there were three specific dogs that were in such bad shape that they were scheduled for euthanasia the next day.  That’s where Sage Taylor stepped in to save some lives.

“The plan was they were going to be put down the next morning.  And I said ‘No wait!  I’ll take them! Just let me look at them and let me see if something can be done,'” said Taylor.

Regardless of their physical conditions, Sage saw beauty and found a need she thought maybe she could fulfill.  The rotten teeth and inability to walk couldn’t hide the inner light she saw in these dogs, and was going to do whatever was necessary to ensure these dogs have as long and happy life as they were capable of doing.

“One has a funny look but she looks so jovial!  She looks alert and friendly and ready to meet you!” Taylor said.

Taylor runs a personal dog sanctuary called Lewie’s Pit Crew, named for her pit bull who was also rescued last minute for being euthanized.  Lewie is one heck of a dog as well!  He’s there and provides canine companionship and care to other dogs who are very much in a place he understands better than any human really ever could.  One might say Lewie is a therapy dog for dogs.  How cool is that?!

“I don’t really think about it as me saving their life. I just love nurturing and taking care of animals. I’ve always been that way,” said Taylor.

Taylor said that the dog with mobility issues will soon feel what the freedom of running is, as he’ll be getting a custom doggie wheelchair.  She knows that caring for these dogs will be a lot of hard work, but it doesn’t matter.  She gets to see these dogs get happier and healthier every day, and to her, that’s rewarding enough.  If you’d like to donate to Taylor’s rescue efforts, you can contact the Perry County Animal Hospital and tell them you’d like to help out Lewie’s Pit Crew.  Click here to be taken to the animal hospital’s Facebook page.

1 thought on “Woman Adopts Three Dogs Who Were Scheduled to Be Euthanized Due to Deformities”

  1. I reserve the use of the word ‘euthanize’ for its intended meaning, not for convenience killing. When my elderly dog was suffering and all quality of life was gone, I lovingly took him to my vet to have him euthanized with me by his side.
    But to use that word when there is still hope is wrong! To use that word to kill healthy dogs or cats is wrong.
    Please join me in taking back the meaning of this word.
    Good wishes and thanks to Sage Taylor for seeing these dogs were not beyond hope!


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