Knox’s Best Days Ever: One Family’s Love for a Dog

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A few weeks ago, a golden retriever named Knox began to experience difficulty breathing. Nathan and Elizabeth Sexton brought the dog to their vet expecting a cold or a respiratory infection. They were devastated by the diagnosis: terminal lymphoma.

“I mean I just started bawling, and immediately called Nathan and my mom,” said Elizabeth. “Just so I had some support there. They came right away……um, it was a terrible day.”

The couple had adopted Knox as a puppy in 2008, and say that he is a beloved family member that they can’t bear the thought of losing.

“He’s just been such a sweet, sweet dog,” says Nathan. “He’s been through so much with me and my new wife Elizabeth, and really, he’s almost just a child to us.”

The Sextons shared the news with family members, and Elizabeth’s sister, Hannah, suggested that they try to make Knox’s final days a celebration of his life.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if Knox got a gift every day and every day had something new and fun to come home to,” said Hannah. “I decided to post an event on Facebook and see if it could get any attention and help Knox get some gifts.”

Hannah started a Facebook event called “Knox’s Best Days Ever“, and hundreds of dog lovers have joined in support of the ailing canine. He is showered with gifts and letters every day. As they prepare to bid him farewell, they say the support has been astounding.

“You know, not only does the toys and gifts really help Knox really get something excited about every day, he absolutely loves toys, and of course loves treats…but it helps us,” says Nathan. “Just all of that love and support and just hearing people’s stories.”

6 thoughts on “Knox’s Best Days Ever: One Family’s Love for a Dog”

  1. Thank you, Brenda! Thank you so much for thinking of us in this tough time. I’m sorry about all of your losses! God bless you!!

    -Elizabeth Sexton

  2. My husband and I just found out that our 1 year old German Shepherd, Maxx, has developed hip dysplasia and has been diagnosed with quite an advanced case for his age. The vet gave him a grim outlook and stated that he cannot even be a candidate for hip replacement until he is 2 years old. He just turned 1 in March. They determined he, more likely than not, had a couple of months at best. We can appreciate your dedication to your Knox, and the heartbreak that comes with losing one you love. Just a couple of weeks ago, our 16 year old Chihuahua, Cricket, slipped away suddenly as well. She lived a long, full life and was loved beyond belief as she returned that love tenfold. Although our Maxx will not have the same lengthy span, he has lived life well and will continue to until his time comes. God Bless you and ALL animal lovers!

  3. We haven’t done anything official, but we got a little rescue girl in September that has every imaginable ailment. We try to make every day she has left her best day. She has really blossomed with all the love and support she has here. Her worst ailment is her heart. She has a grade 6 murmur, and has gone into Heart Failure. We don’t know how long she will be here, but we know she will know she was loved while she was with us. I applaud these people for caring enough to try to show as much love as possible to their fur baby.

  4. Bawling here too. God Bless you Elizabeth and Nathan for sharing your story and your beautiful Knox.

    My little guy Baxter has oral malignant melanoma but he is doing really good right now, has been with me 14 months more than what the vet said!

    I know all too well that every day with your Knox is special. Enjoy him. Take lots of pictures and get lots of doggie kisses.

    Their time with us is so limited and they give so much in return.

    We will all meet again someday and they will be waiting for us.

    God Bless.


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