Lady deserves a better life, but she needs your help

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A street dog in LA is recovering in hospital after being hit by a car in Roseville, CA.  Lady, who  is about 10 years old, has been homeless for at least 3 years.  Kristell Stout has been feeding her five days a week and keeping an eye on her and has now become her official guardian angel.  But then Stout was laid off from her job and couldn’t bear to leave poor Lady behind to survive on her own.

Stout says she will never forget the first day they met. “From Day One, I fell in love with her and tried my hardest to look out for her.”  So she decided to take Lady home, but needed help to capture her.  She called Gary Sawyer, a local animal rescuer, to help catch Lady.  At that moment Lady ran out into the street to the horror of Stout.  “I called to tell them I was on the way and they told me the dog was hit by a car,” Sawyer said. “… We went on a search for it.”

The pair brought Lady to Johnson Ranch Veterinary clinic where she was treated by Veterinarian Karen Johnson, and that is when more of Lady’s story came out.  When she was x-rayed to determine her injuries from the impact with the car, it was discovered that she had previously been abused.  What Johnson found was evidence that she been shot several times with a BB gun.

Now Stout is determined to keep Lady with her, and make sure that the rest of her life is happy and stress free.  Lady’s medical bills have so far totalled over $2000 and she needs your help.  If you would like to make a donation to Lady’s recovery fund, go to and search ‘Lady’.

3 thoughts on “Lady deserves a better life, but she needs your help”

  1. Thank you for saving Miss Lady…She is just beautiful..& you are a beautiful person for saving her and giving her the life she so deserves!!!:)<3

  2. Julie Blackwelder, I agree with you in her trying to get her off the streets 3 years ago BUT it’s not always as easy as that. Trust me in trying to rescue dogs over the years. It can take months and longer to win their trust … after everything they have gone through who can blame them in wanting to stay away from humans. Just read at what she has been through B B’s being shot at her. I know it’s heartbreaking but at least she was feeding her and keeping an eye on her. When she lost her job….Lady was who she thought of and won’t leave behind … since she won’t be going that way anymore. SHE noticed her and took care of her the best that she could at the time….NOW, she has her and I pray they have a number of good years together.

    Thank you Kristell for noticing her and loving her. God Bless you both and I pray for a number of good years for her with you!


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